Income Tax Return Filing

Among the multitude of taxes present in the system, Income tax is the one that deals with the taxation of the earning of every individual, firm or organization in a financial year. The earning or the income could be in the form of Salary, Interest, Dividends, Capital Gains or any other profits.

Income Tax Return is a proof that you have paid your income tax. It contains the details about your annual Income and the amount of tax you have paid. Every year, Indian citizens who earn the taxable income have to file the Income Tax Return (ITR).

You can either seek professional help or file your returns yourself.


Features :

  • Not dependent on anybody
  • Most accurate tax calculations.
  • Hassle free and detailed information at one place.
  • 100% confidential as you are filing your ITR
  • At the movement generation of ITR –V (Acknowledgement)

Advantage :

  • Filing on Government portal; Safe & confidential
  • Free of cost, professionally handled filing process
  • Tips, hints to guide you how to file return
  • Filing on net without going to any office or department

Process :

Visit: Direct Income Tax Return Filing

User ID: Your PAN Number
Password: as given by you


It is mandatory for all to file their Income Tax Return. TAX Compliances are no more a trouble for you and for your business, when TAX ADVISOR is there. We will help you meet all tax Compliances, leaving no room for any confusion and stress for you. We are always there to provide you with expert guidance.

Features :

  • Expert tax Filing Service.
  • Tax Planning Benefits.
  • 100% assistance and continuous interaction.
  • Without any ambiguity filing of ITR, only needs to furnish information.
  • We strictly adhere to client information security ensuring 100% confidentiality.
  • Easy, hassle free, fast and user friendly application.
  • Saving of time.
  • If there are any tax dues, we will get deposited for you.
  • Post filing Tax assistance.
  • Tax Advisor’s global satisfaction and accuracy guarantees.

Process :

The steps for filing the income Tax Return are:-

  • Fill the Applicable Requisite Form
  • Upload all the documents as asked in the Requisite Form.
  • For Additional Information/Query/Help, you may contact tax advisor team member any time.
  • Make the Online Payment.
  • We will make the Computation of your Income.
  • You need to pay the taxes, if any.
  • Once all the things are done, we will file the Income Tax Return.
  • Verify your Income Tax Return.
  • Finally, you will get the ITR Set.

Pricing :

Easy Moderate Complex Level 1 Complex Level 2
Fees Rs.299/- Rs.499/- Fee depends upon Complexity of your other Income Fee depends upon Complexity of your other Income


Salary Form -16 1 More than 1 1 or More than 1 1 or More than 1
Other Sources of Income Only Interest Income (Saving Bank & FDs) Interest , Commission or Contractual Income House Property, Capital Gain, PGBP or any Other Income House Property, Capital Gain or any Other Income
Income Limit Rs.50 Lakhs or Less than Rs. 50 Lakhs Rs.50 Lakhs or Less than Rs. 50 Lakhs Rs.50 Lakhs or Less than Rs. 50 Lakhs More than Rs.50 Lakhs
Foreign Assets - - Details of Foreign Assets/ Income Details of Foreign Assets/ Income
AL Schedule - - - Details of Assets (as per schedule AL attached)
Requisites for ITR


Is it required to provide details of all bank accounts?

As per new ITR Forms, every assessee is compulsorily required to furnish details regarding all bank accounts whether they are operative or not.

How many days do you have to verify the Income Tax Return filed Online?

You have to either send the ITR-V to CPC, Bangalore, or verify it online through electronic verification code or Aadhaar – linked- one time password, within 120 days of e- filing the return.

Can you e- file your return before all tax payments are done?

You can only file your Income Tax return after all your tax payments for the year are done.

Who can file the Returns in the Physical Form?

This is only allowed in these cases only:-

1. If the individual filing the return was above 80 years old in the previous year
2. If the income of the individual does not exceed INR 5 Lakh and no refund has been claimed

Will you will be fined or penalized if you fail to furnish the return within the due date of filing?

Yes, the Interest will be levied if the return is not filed before the end of the assessment year. If the return is not filed after the end of the assessment year, penalty may also be levied.