Services Tax Return

As per the Finance Act 1994, Service Tax Return filing is mandatorily required twice a year by all persons and entities having a Service Tax Registration. Return for half year ending 30th September and 31st March are required to be filed by 25th October and 25th April, respectively.

Our Service tax experts can help you compute your service tax liability, e-file the service tax return and keep you in compliance with service tax regulations.

Features :

  • 100% assistance and continous interaction.
  • Without any ambiguity, only needs to furnish some Information.
  • 100% Confidential and secure.
  • Saving of Time.
  • Post filing Tax Assistance.

Process :

The steps for Filing the Service Tax Return are:-

  • Fill the Requisite Form.
  • Upload all the documents as asked for in the Requisite Form.
  • Make the online Payment.
  • We will file ST-3.

Pricing :

Fees Rs.1000/- Differs from Case to Case


Nil Service Tax return for First Financial Year -
Other than Nil Service Tax Return for first Financial Year -


The steps for filing the income Tax Return are:-

  • User ID & Password of ACES
  • Service Tax Registration Number
  • Constitution of the Assessee
  • Complete Address (Current)
  • Details of Services
  • Taxable Value (Month wise) – Upload Document
  • Abatement/Exemption claimed (If any)
  • Details of Cenvat - Upload Document
  • Copy of Challans (For Service Tax Paid in Cash) – Upload Document
  • Details of Input Service Distributor (If any) – Upload Document.


Whether for filing the Service Tax Return, will the Importer require to have an Importer Registration Number?

Importers should have a Valid Importer Registration number.

Whether you can revise the Service Tax Return?

Yes, you can revise the Service Tax Return within 90 days.

If you have not charge any Service tax on any bill, then whether it is mandatory to file the Service Tax Return?

Yes, it is mandatory to file the Service Tax return even if no Service tax is there.

What are the Penalty Provisions in case of late filing of Service Tax return?

The Penalty provisions in case of late filing are:- Upto 15 days - Rs.500
Upto 15 - 30 days - Rs.1000
More than 30 days - Rs.1000 + Rs.100 per day subject to maximum of Rs.20,000.